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On-line Resources

So You want To Be A Professional Astronomer? (2008, Mercury magazine):

A light article on a carreer in astronomy by Professor Duncan Forbes of Swinburne University, Australia published in the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's quarterly magazine.

Getting Started in Astronomy (2003, Sky & Telescope):

Useful briefings on the night sky for both Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Good resource for public outreach.

Monthly Skymaps (skymaps.com):

Excellent monthly summary of astronomical events. Good resource for public outreach.

American Practical Navigator (`APN' or `Bowditch' 1802; National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency):

A freely-available resource, valuable as an introduction to the celestial spehere. Since Bowditch's American Practical Navigator is primarly published for maritime operations, there are some important differences in terminology used (for example, Sidereal Hour Angle, measured in degrees West along the celestial equator from the Vernal Equinox is the expliment of Right Ascension, measured in hours, minutes and seconds East of the Vernal Equinox).

The Astronomical Almanac Online (HMNAO & USNO):

Supporting documentation for the indispensible annual.

Observational Mishaps (CalTech):

Examples of various imaging problems.