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Tickets for the Summer Series will be available on Friday, April 17. FoLO members can purchase tickets early on Friday, April 3. Visit our Summer Series for more information.

UCO/Lick Observatory is now hiring a Public Programs Assistant for our summer series, as well as a Physical Plant Mechanic to work on Mt. Hamilton. Learn more here.

The Lick Observer Winter 2014 edition is now available online. See it here.

UC is searching for a permanent Director of UC Observatories. Click here for a description of the position and application process.

UC Astronomy in the News

Evening Concerts and Rare Telescope Viewings Draw Visitors to UC’s Lick Observatory

Google gives Lick Observatory $1 Million

UC Santa Cruz Astronomer Claire Max Recognized for Astronomical Instrumentation

Astronomers' Cosmic Web Discovery Among Top Breakthroughs of 2014

Lick Observatory Plans Major Upgrade for Shane Telescope

India Joins the Thirty Meter Telescope Project as a Full Member

UCSC Astronomers publish findings that deepen the mystery of how globular clusters form

UCLA to lead NSF-funded map of the Milky Way’s central bulge

UCLA Astronomers Solve Puzzle about Bizarre Object at the Center of our Galaxy

UC Confirms Continued Support of Lick Observatory

Astronomers Create First 3-D Map of the 'Adolescent' Universe

Lick's Automated Planet Finder: First robotic telescope for planet hunters

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Please note that all gifts to Lick Observatory are processed through the UC Santa Cruz Foundation. Thank you for your support.

UC Observatories (UCO) is a multicampus research unit that serves astronomers from all eight UC campuses.

UCO operates the Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton and the UCO technical labs at UC Santa Cruz and UCLA, and is a managing partner of the W. M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii. UCO is also the center for the UC participation in the Thirty-Meter Telescope (TMT) project.

Learn more about UC Observatories.

Featured Stories

How Claire Max Has Transformed the Capabilities of Current and Future Telescopes. Great profile piece about UC Astronomer Claire Max in Nature Magazine on her passion for astronomy, her revolutionary work in adaptive optics, and the leading role of UC astronomy in developing laser guide stars. [Nature Magazine Article]

Nearby Star First Known to Host Several super-Earths in Habitable Zone: Reanalysis of data from Keck and other observatories combined with data from ESO's HARPS has led to the discovery of the first extrasolar planetary system with potentially habitable super-earths. [Press release]  [Read paper]  [Images & Movies]

Lick Observatory and the Science Behind Star Trek: The History Channel interviews UC Berkeley professors Alex Filippenko and Geoff Marcy and features footage of Lick Observatory. Tune in for this exploration of the science of space travel, extrasolar planets, and warp drive. [View Star Trek Secrets of the Universe]

Lick and Keck Observatories Cited on Smithsonian's List of World's Greatest Science Labs [See List and Commentary]

Take a Visual Tour: Picture Book of UCO Facilities