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Instructions for Submitting Keck Proposals

Dear UC Keck Observers,

  1. Prepare and submit your Keck Proposal Cover Sheet as instructed by Barbara Schaefer and note the assigned proposal number. Note that there is a delay, typically of some minutes, between the execution of the Keck Cover sheet page and the availability of that cover sheet in the Proposal Submission pages here.

  2. Go to the UC Keck Proposal web page:

    Enter your name, e-mail address, Keck proposal number and click the Observer Login button.

  3. Prepare the body of your proposal containing the Scientific Justification, figures, Technical Comments, Results from Previous Keck Runs, etc. as a pdf-format file. Click the "Submit (or resubmit) a TAC Proposal File" button and use the "browse" option to select the file with the body of your proposal from your local machine. You will have an opportunity to review the pdf file you have uploaded. You can also view the cover sheet from this page.

    Have the first line of your Scientific Justification contain the PI name, assigned proposal number, and proposal title.

    Note: You can submit the pdf body of the proposal with a given proposal number multiple times up to the deadline. You can modify the Cover Sheet for a given proposal without creating a new Keck tracking number. The instructions for this are found at the Keck Observer Account web pages.

  4. After your proposal has been uploaded to the website, you and each of the co-Is listed on the proposal will receive a confirmation e-mail that the proposal has been entered into the system. Be sure to watch for this confirmation.

If you have any problems, or suggestions for improving the new system, please contact and

Regards, Sandy

Sandra Faber, Interim Director
UC Observatories