Formal portrait of Robert P. (Bob) Kraft

A Meeting in Honor of
Professor Robert P. (Bob) Kraft

July 12 - 14, 2011
University of California, Santa Cruz

Pre-Fest Reception the Evening of July 11


SOC: Robert Kraft, Michael Bolte, Sara Lucatello, Jennifer Johnson, Graeme Smith

LOC: Michael Bolte, Graeme Smith, Paula Towle

Thanks to unprecedented wealth of observational data and advances in theoretical simulations, our understanding of the formation of the Galactic Halo has recently undergone fundamental changes. The purpose of this meeting is to bring together scientists probing the formation of the Galactic Halo through the investigation of the properties of stars in globular clusters, Galactic dSph galaxies and Galactic tidal streams.

Emphasis will be on research in the last two decades since "The Galaxy-Globular Cluster Connection" meeting in Santa Cruz.

The meeting is held in recognition of Robert (Bob) P. Kraft's 55 years of pioneering contributions in these fields.

For more information, email the LOC here.