To guarantee timely processing of your FY 2013 requests, please submit your request to the Business Office by the dates below. Make note of these dates as they affect year-end financial and personnel activities: purchasing, contracts and grants, travel and reimbursement, and human resources and payroll.

It is important to meet these deadlines, as we will not be able to guarantee timely processing of your requests if the paperwork is not in the Business Office by the dates below. Thank you for your attention to these deadlines.

For Contracts and Grants deadlines or proposal questions, please contact Lisa Ellis.

Immediate Purchasing

Due to coordination requirements with Central Purchasing, please call Purchasing IMMEDIATELY if you have any of the following types of purchases:


Procard Transactions

No Pro Card transactions will be processed between Saturday June 1 and Monday July 1st.
Purchasing will address RUSH orders where the vendor does not accept purchase orders on a case by case basis.

Purchasing Deadlines

May 13, 2013: > 50K

June 10, 2013: $10K - $50K

June 24, 2013: <$10K

June 3, 2013: FY 2014 Purchasing activity opens

Contracts & Grants

Contact: Lisa Ellis: 831-459-5156,

May 15, 2012: Publications Deadline

Please inform Lisa if you intend to charge publication costs to grants expiring 6/30/13.

Travel, Reimbursements & Direct Pay

Contact: Camille Martinez: 831-459-2772,

June 10, 2013: Travel Voucher & Reimbursement Deadline
All travel vouchers & reimbursements to be paid through June 30, 2013 using Fiscal Year 2013 funds must be received in the Business Office by June 13, 2013.

June 10, 2013: Travel Advance Deadline
All travel advances for travel through July 15, 2013 must be received in the Business Office by June 10, 2013.

June 28, 2013: Direct Pay Deadline
All Direct Pays must be received in the Business Office by June 28, 2013.

Human Resources & Payroll

Summer/International Visitors: Please inform Heather Dawson ( in Staff Human Resources as soon as possible if you plan to invite any visitors this summer or early fall. Please be aware that we are experiencing processing lead times of 3 to 6 months depending on visa type and country of origin.

Summer Salary: Summer Salary request forms will be sent out in early May. Please return them by May 17, 2013 to ensure timely processing.

Summer GSR Appointments: Human Resources staff will be contacting faculty via e-mail in mid-May regarding upcoming summer GSR appointments.