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Welcome to Andrew MacFadyen's WWW page. I was a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz and Lick Observatory. I have recently moved to the theoretical astrophysics department at the California Institute of Technology. I work with Stan Woosley on multi-dimensional computer models of exploding stars and gamma ray burst (GRB) engines. I am currently working on the collapsar model for gamma-ray bursts and aspherical explosion of massive stars driven by jets. A collapsar is a spinning massive star giving birth to a hungry black hole.

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Recent publications || Vitae and Bibliography || Jets in supernovae

Curriculum Vitae in postscript | pdf

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Jet driven explosion of WR star (SN1998bw model)
Collapsar Jet

Supernovae, Jets and Collapsars , (MacFadyen, Woosley & Heger, Astrophysical Journal 550, 410(2001)).

Collapsars - Gamma-Ray Bursts and Explosions in "Failed Supernovae", (MacFadyen & Woosley, Astrophysical Journal 524, 262 (1999)).

3D Rayleigh-Taylor Isosurface

NASA Space Science News Article - Dec. 22, 1999

NASA Space Science News Article - Nov. 2, 1999

Article in US News & World Report (Oct 11, 1999) about Gamma-Ray Burst/Supernova connection

Cover of Science News (July 10, 1999) (text not currently available)

Articles in Science magazine: Vol. 283, Number 5410, March 26, 1999, p. 1993; Vol. 286, Number 5439, Oct 15, 1999, p. 395-397

Poster from Cosmic Explosions conference at the University of Maryland Oct 10-13, 1999

Santa Barbara GRB meeting poster: Gzipped Postscript

Medusa: SGI Power Challenge
CV and Bibliography

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