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Fellowship Indices

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Government Fellowships

Organization Description Restrictions Deadline
NSF tuit = $9.5k, stip = $15k
3 yr fellowship
< 30 quarter hours
minorities, women version also
Nov 22, 1997
NASA GSRP tuit + stip = $22k
1 yr, renew to 3
study at NASA center or home dept.
non-optical astronomy Feb 2, 1998
DOE Computational Science GFP tuit, stip=$18k 1st or 2nd yr PhD students
phys. sci/engr., using high-performance computing
Jan 28, 1998
National Defense Sci/Eng GFP tuit, stip=$17k-19k
duration 3 yrs
near beginning of grad study
ONR GFP tuit, stip=$15k-17k
duration up to 3 yrs
engr., comp.sci, p.sci mid-Feb


Organization Description Restrictions Deadline
Hertz Foundation tuit, stip $17k
i yr, renew up to 5 yrs
"real-world applications", "technololgy", "applied science" late Oct.
Distinguished Young Scholar Award $?; many subjects covered < 1 yr Grad study  
Sigma Chi up to $2500 for astronomy grants Sigma Chi members  
Perkin Grants $1k-25k;
Astronomy, optics and medicine

Corporate Fellowships

Organization Description Restrictions Deadline
IBM GFP $? PhD Candidates  
Hughes Doctoral Fell. $?; work-study or full study Need MS; UC only  
Hughes MS Fell. $?; work-study or full study Need BS; UC only  

Women and Minorities

Organization Description Restrictions
Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fell. tuit,stip $? 1st, 2nd yr grads
Ntl. Phys. Sci Consort. tuit, stip $10k-15k
duration: up to 6 yrs
Must apply before grad school enrollment
Comm. on Instit. Cooperation tuit, stip $12k
broad subject scope
4-5 yrs
Amelia Earhart $6k women in aerospace-related science
Amer. Ind. Sci/Engr $1k-4k  

Travel Fellowships

Organization Location Duration Description
Fulbright Abroad 1 yr tuit,travel,lang. les., stip $10k (varies?)
Rhodes Oxford, UK   must lead to a degree;
32/ yr Grad + Ugrad;
tuit, travel, stipend $?
Churchill Cambridge, UK 1 yr tuit,travel, living $?
Los Alamos GRP Los Alamos, NM 1 yr renewable salary $29k-41k
AAAS U.S. Congress   need MS;

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