UCO on-line Newsletter: January 2006

Members of the UC astronomy community,

This is a short summary of recent UCO news of interest to the broad UC astronomy community. A goal is to get an issue of the UCO newsletter out at least twice per year. This is an experiment! Please send feedback to me about ways to improve the newsletter.

There are two presentations I'd like to point everyone to. One is a set of powerpoint slides that is intended to give a high-level "state of UCO" snapshot: UCO 2005 . There are notes in the presentation that clarify some of the statements. These slides are the basis of presentations made to several campuses in the Fall of 2005.

The second presentation is a set of slides with images and information related to the TMT telescope project. This is not intended to be a status report, but rather slides from which you could pick and choose to add to talks. I'd like to encourage everyone to look for ways to refer to the TMT in your talks and colloquia presentations. We need to increase the visibility of the project in our own community and in the wider astronomical (and funding) community. TMT slides

Mike Bolte, Interim Director, UCO

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