Early convective motions


  • Our XRB paper has been accepted to ApJ. The submitted version can be found on arXiv.
  • We've recently submitted a paper to the Astrophysical Journal regarding our 2-d simulations of the thermonuclear burning and subsequent convection that precedes an outburst of a pure helium-4 accreting neutron star. More details can be found here.
  • I, along with collaborators Alan Calder, Brendan Krueger and Mike Zingale, recently were awarded 1 million CPU-hours on the TeraGrid's Kraken machine to study both novae and mixed hydrogen/helium Type I X-ray bursts.


I am a postdoctoral researcher at UC Santa Cruz working with Stan Woosley on computational simulations of various astrophysical explosions. Lately, I have been performing both multidimensional low Mach number simulations of thermonuclear-driven convection in the context of Type I x-ray bursts, as well as multidimensional fully compressible hydrodynamics simulations of reactive bubbles and detonations in Type Ia supernovae.

I was a graduate student at Stony Brook working with Mike Zingale on low Mach number hydrodynamics in astrophysical fluids. In particular, I investigatied multidimensional simulations of Type I X-ray bursts and the convective mixing that can occur near the base of the accreted layer.

My CV can be found here as a PS or PDF file.

A list of my recent publications can be found here

Current Investigations

  • Multidimensional low Mach number modelling of the convection that leads up to onset of thermonuclear runaway on the surface of neutron stars using the MAESTRO code.
  • Using a compressible hydro code, FLASH, to simulate the above mentioned convection and compare the results to the low Mach code at early times.

Recent Publications

The Convective Phase Preceding Type Ia Supernovae
Zingale, M., Nonaka, A., Almgren, A. S., Bell, J. B., Malone, C. M., & Woosley, S. E. (2011), ApJ, 740, 1 doi:10.1088/0004-637X/740/1/8
Multidimensional Modeling of Type I X-ray Bursts I. Two-Dimensional Convection Prior to the Outburst of a Pure He Accretor
Malone, C. M., Nonaka, A. J., Almgren, A. S., Bell, J. B., & Zingale, M. (2011), ApJ, 728, 118 doi: 10.1088/0004-637X/728/2/118
MAESTRO: An Adaptive Low Mach Number Hydrodynamics Algorithm for Stellar Flows
Nonaka, A., Almgren, A. S., Bell, J. B., Lijewski, M. J., Malone, C. M., & Zingale, M. (2010), ApJS, 188, 353, doi: 10.1088/0067-0049/188/2/358
Astrophysical Applications of the MAESTRO Code
Zingale, M., Almgren, A. S., Bell, J. B., Malone C. M., & Nonaka, A. (2008), Proceedings of SciDAC 2008, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 125, 012013, doi: 10.1088/1742-6596/125/1/012013