First-author papers (4):

Spectral Variability from the Patchy Atmospheres of T and Y Dwarfs

Caroline V. Morley, Mark S. Marley, Jonathan J. Fortney, Roxana Lupu. Accepted for publication in ApJ Letters.

Water Clouds in Y Dwarfs and Exoplanets

Caroline V. Morley, Mark S. Marley, Jonathan J. Fortney, Roxana Lupu, Didier Saumon, Tom Greene, Katharina Lodders. ApJ, Volume 787, Issue 1.

Quantitatively Assessing the Role of Clouds in the Transmission Spectrum of GJ 1214b

Caroline V. Morley, Jonathan J. Fortney, Eliza M-R. Kempton, Mark S. Marley, Channon Visscher, Kevin Zahnle. ApJ, Volume 775, Issue 1.

Neglected Clouds in T and Y Dwarf Atmospheres

Caroline V. Morley, Jonathan J. Fortney, M. S. Marley, Channon Visscher, D. Saumon, S. K. Leggett

ApJ, Volume 756, Issue 2.

Co-authored papers (12):

Naud, Marie-Eve; Artigau, Étienne; Malo, Lison; Albert, Loïc; Doyon, René; Lafrenière, David; Gagné, Jonathan; Saumon, Didier; Morley, Caroline V.; Allard, France; Homeier, Derek; Beichman, Charles A.; Gelino, Christopher R.; Boucher, Anne. 2014, The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 787, Issue 1. Disovery of a Wide Planetary-Mass Companion to the Young M3 Star GU Psc.

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Beichman, C., Gelino, Christopher R., Kirkpatrick, J. Davy, Cushing, Michael C., Dodson-Robinson, Sally, Marley, Mark S., Morley, Caroline V., & Wright, E. L. 2014, The Astrophysical Journal

WISE Y Dwarfs as Probes of the Brown Dwarf-Exoplanet Connection

Leggett, S. K.; Liu, Michael C.; Dupuy, Trent J.; Morley, Caroline V.; Marley, M. S.; Saumon, D. Resolved Spectroscopy of the T8.5 and Y0-0.5 Binary WISEPC J121756.91+162640.2AB. Accepted on November 8 2013 for publication in ApJ

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A Study of the Diverse T Dwarf Population Revealed by WISE.  ApJS, Volume 205, Issue 1.

S. K. Leggett, Caroline V. Morley, M. S. Marley, D. Saumon, Jonathan J. Fortney, Channon Visscher

A Comparison of Near-Infrared Photometry and Spectra for Y Dwarfs with a New Generation of Cool Cloudy Models. ApJ, Volume 763, Issue 2.

Mancini, L., Southworth, J., Fortney, J.J., Caroline V. Morley., plus 8 other authors.

A lower radius and mass for the transiting extrasolar planet HAT-P-8b. A&A, Volume 551.

Thomas Barclay, Daniel Huber, Jason F. Rowe, Jonathan J. Fortney, Caroline V. Morley, plus 14 other authors.

Photometrically derived masses and radii of the planet and star in the TrES-2 System. ApJ, Volume 761, Issue 1.

Esther Buenzli, Daniel Apai, Caroline V. Morley, Davin Flateau, Adam P. Showman, Mark S. Marley, Nikole K. Lewis, I. Neill Reid.

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Shporer, A.; Winn, J. N.; Dreizler, S.; Colón, K. D.; Wood-Vasey, W. M.; Choi, P. I.; Caroline V. Morley.; plus 37 other authors.

Ground-based Multisite Observations of Two Transits of HD 80606b. ApJ, Volume 722, Issue 1.