First-author papers (5):

Thermal Emission and Reflected Light Spectra of Super Earths with Flat Transmission Spectra.

Caroline V. Morley, Jonathan J. Fortney, Mark S. Marley, Kevin Zahnle, Michael Line, Eliza Kempton, Nikole Lewis, Kerri Cahoy. Submitted to ApJ.

Spectral Variability from the Patchy Atmospheres of T and Y Dwarfs

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Water Clouds in Y Dwarfs and Exoplanets

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Quantitatively Assessing the Role of Clouds in the Transmission Spectrum of GJ 1214b

Caroline V. Morley, Jonathan J. Fortney, Eliza M-R. Kempton, Mark S. Marley, Channon Visscher, Kevin Zahnle. ApJ, Volume 775, Issue 1.

Neglected Clouds in T and Y Dwarf Atmospheres

Caroline V. Morley, Jonathan J. Fortney, M. S. Marley, Channon Visscher, D. Saumon, S. K. Leggett

ApJ, Volume 756, Issue 2.

Co-authored papers (24):

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