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by De Clarke

Lick Observatory, UCSC, Santa Cruz CA

To get more narrative info about these "products", you should check out the Guided Tour (go back to the Lick Tcl homepage and press the Tour button). This page is just the "ftp server" for code I wrote or co-wrote.

Note: All my Tcl code requires the TclX extension. You can find most well-known Tcl extensions by following links at or, two great resources which every tcl hacker (newbie to grandmaster) should find useful. Don't even know what an "extension" is? "Getting Started" and similar materials at will tell you everything you need to know.


See the Infra1 directory for the infrastructure behind most of our production code.

TkBio: BioRhythm Toy

Every language has to have a biorhythm app, right?
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Screen Shot
This is just for fun, but the beginning Tcl/Tk programmer could use it to see how easy plots are with the BLT extension.

TkGlim: GUI for Glimpse

I love glimpse but I hate remembering all the cmd line options. If you feel the same, try tkglim!
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Screen Shot

Xtask: Simple Task Management using Tcl and Tk

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Xtask Screen Shot
Xtask Timeline
Xtask Paper Plot
Requires a backend RDBMS database (written for Sybase, could be ported to other RDBMS).

Paper/Project Online Review System

This is code which a program committee or other group can use to evaluate submitted materials (such as papers for a refereed volume or conference) online, with a grading system, etc. Read the description carefully. This is not a small toy.

Wisql: GUI for Sybase

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Screen Shot
Includes Syperf (Screen Shot), a performance monitor for Sybase servers.

Forms: Forms GUI for Sybase

Available only on request, i.e. not for general distribution.

Dashboard: Data-Driven User Interface

Available only on request, i.e. not for general distribution.

The UC Regents don't care if my code works for you or not, so there are no guarantees. Read the COPYRIGHT statement on anything you download from us. Everything you get from us is free. As software ought to be. :-)
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