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Miscellaneous Tk Tools

(these are not all here yet as of Jul 23 97)

ical : a Calendar Manager

Sanjay Ghemawat wrote ical. Ical is really cool. It can load multiple calendars for an overview of several people's commitments. The calendar files are ASCII and very readable (also can be code-generated, and we've done that with good results to make pretty calendars of observing schedules, car signouts, Diner reservations, etc.) Ical prints out nice PostScript calendars to scribble on. It's just a good, sound, reliable, beautifully crafted tool.

tkmail : a Mail Tool

Paul Raines wrote TkMail. TkMail is not as perfectly engineered as ical, but it does something rather more difficult too. TkMail is my favourite mail tool, partly because I can hack on it easily myself and add features. It comes with a killer Tcl extension specifically for manipulating Unix mailbox files -- something very tedious to reinvent, as I can attest. TkMail is a bit of a memory hog, but RAM is cheap and it's a nice tool. It stays up on my machine 24x7... I never shut it down, and I use it all day long every single day.

tkinspect : a Tk Debugger (see your source)

Sam Shen wrote tkinspect. I couldn't develop Tk code without it. Tkinspect lets you tinker with the running interpreter! you can add "puts stderr" lines, test alternate code, etc., all without ever shutting down the running application. And there's more...

tkinspect : See Your Widgets

You can inspect not only your source code, but also your entire widget set! Tkinspect will show you, at one click, all the configure options of any widget in the running application... and you can alter them too. So you can tweak nitty little look/feel details very quickly, with no shutdown/edit/startup cycle at all. When happy, you can Save your code back to your working directory.

tkinspect : See Your GlobalVars

Of course tkinspect lets you walk through your global variable space and alter it on the fly. This is great for testing conditions that are hard to reproduce -- just set the global variables by hand.

FUTURE LINKS (not working yet)...

tklogger : a Log File Watcher

electroLog : an Online Logbook

tkMan : a ManPage Viewer

syperf : a Sybase PerfMeter

Many a Sybase DBA has spent the odd half hour wondering what the heck is slowing the server down. This perfmeter was one of my first Tk apps, and all it does is watch a Sybase server and show you what it's up to. Note the cute little VU meters that are also found in Dashboard.

syperf : Sybase Process Table

The perfmeter can put up a more detailed process table in addition to its little statistical meters.

syperf : What an Idle Server (Pie Chart)

tkglim : friendly GUI for glimpse

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