Weather Links

Buoy Data
Current Weather at the Monterey buoy
Latitude 36 45 1 N Longitude 122 24 27 W
Monterey Bay Buoy 42
another link to same buoy, different data presentation
Buoy Data (Wind/Seas)
map of the California coast showing various buoy data

NOAA Forecasts
Long Range NoCenCal
text of the long range Northern and Central CA weather report; the report is divided into zones (coastal, valley, mountain) with both N and Central data reported per zone.
NOAA Marine Forecast
NOAA Marine Forecast for the coast of CA -- this is the same text that the robot voice reads on the NOAA weather radio
Another Version
Monterey Bay Area Weather Resources
I wish they would stop moving these pages around!
Fancy Graphics, Local Forecast
Forecast for Monterey/Santa Cruz area
Sunrise/Sunset Times, S Cruz
SF forecast discussion, new
SF Forecast Discussion
This is a discussion of the local scene in weathercaster's insider jargon.
[More jargon here and even more jargon here. For those who seek to undertand upper-air dynamics, an intro.]
Santa Cruz County
Coastal Monterey

Tides, Currents, Waves
Tide/Current Predictor
predicted tides for Santa Cruz
Live Harbor Pics
Amidst all the text on this page are 4 live webcam shots of the harbour -- check swell and weather any time :-)
SlugVideo at the Dream Inn
this used to show a live webcam image of the inner bay, but it's down now.

Weather Maps
Bay Area Visible
Naval Research Laboratory Satellite Photo of the Bay Area coastline, visible wavelengths (close zoom)
Central Coast Visible
Naval Research Laboratory Satellite Photo of the Central Coast, visible wavelengths (medium zoom)
Mosaic of E Pacific
Naval Research Lab Satellite Imagery around the W Coast of the US and Hawai'i
NW Pacific Visual
Sat map of the entire Pacific NW (zoom way, way out)
Western US InfraRed
You can look at this one after dark :-)
Intellicast - SAILcast Pacific Satellite Loop
animated loop -- probably requires Javascript or other nasty features in your browser
National Jet Stream Chart
NWS Satellite Imagery

Web cameras: California and Hawaii digital and video cameras on the Internet
NWS HomePage SF