Meme Paths (Data Flow Diagrams)

provided by The Scientific Programming Group

UCO / Lick Observatory

All the following diagrams should be understood to be demos, prototypes, proofs of concept and not representative of any actual running system. They were created to test the Memes/Agents flow schema. These are pregenerated graphics.
Trace one meme BUTNDIAM
We follow one FITS keyword BUTNDIAM through an imaginary control system.
Trace an entire bundle MOS_Catalog
An entire bundle (header) can be traced as one meme through our imaginary control system.
Trace one Agent "scrap"
What memes does the agent called "scrap" handle? If we changed it or it failed, what would be the effects?
MaskDesign bundle
Here we are sketching the information flow for manufacturing DEIMOS slitmasks.
Memes table
Here we show some of the tools that run against the Memes database, and their output. Where does Memes data come from, and what products does it turn into by means of what processes?
Sybase server
This is a trace of one agent, like "scrap" above, but the picture is very complicated even at this sketchy level because the database server sits in the middle of so many processes. This illustrates the need for context distinctions among meme paths.

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