UCO/Lick database used for PFCAM, ESI, DEIMOS

We use a central RDBMS as the authoritative repository for various kinds of information, including:
Tools which use these data range from documentation generators to code generators to the observer's GUI (Dashboard) and the telemetry analysis GUI DataMynah. Other more self-referential tools can generate DDL from Memes data, or check sanity of data in the Memes schema.
Lick Observatory also uses an RDBMS to store all information associated with observing runs, including instrument and telescope schedules, configuration instructions, lodging and meals schedules, billing for lodging and meals, car reservations, etc. See our Online Schedules for some example output formats. In theory, this information could be cross-referenced to such other information as slit mask use dates (if we used slit masks on Lick instruments, which at present we do not).
De Clarke