9.2 : Figures

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9.2.1 Overview Diagram :
an approximate flowchart of information acquisition and storage during normal observing
9.2.2a Meta-Data Overview :
a light-path representation of meta-data useful for the observing or reduction process
9.2.2b Meta-Data Overview :
a supplemental drawing for FCS/Guide Camera meta-data
9.2.3 Database Annotation by Observer
More detail on what the observer might wish to annotate and how
9.2.4 Archiving Cartoon :
a sketch of 2 different ways of approaching the archiving of acquired images
9.2.5 Diagram of RDBMS I/O
a sketch of database function during normal observing, showing sources of data input and some potential data output
9.2.6 Data flow diagram for Slit Mask Production
shows slit mask production path with database interactions
9.2.7 Schema diagram for Slit Mask Production
shows slit mask relationships with objects, coordinate mapping techniques, etc.
9.2.8 Schema diagram for static attributes
a sketch of schema for non-slitmask components such as filters, gratings, etc.
9.2.9 Data flow diagram for CCD Production
shows CCD production path with database interactions
9.2.10 Schema diagram for CCD Production
models CCD production and test process
9.2.11 Sample Form
a sample form from existing GUI database interface
9.2.12 Sample WWW Page
a sample page from existing WWW Catalog Query interface
9.2.12 User Interface Sketch
a rough sketch of an observer database interface

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