Sybase and WWW Query Interface

using HTML, sybtcl, and Sybase

This page is beta -- report problems to the webmaster.

NOTE that most of these pages use HTML3 for proper column alignment, and that some viewers will not be able to handle this. When in doubt, use Netscape 1.1 -- and hassle the Mosaic developers!

PhoneBook Demo Page
This page was automatically generated by tcl code running against a sybase server. The generated page permits a user to construct an arbitrary query against a specific table. The results are returned between PRE tags for ease of incorporation into other tools. No special privileges are required... only public data are offered, which normal sybase users are allowed to read.
PhoneBook Demo Page HTML2
use this version if your browser does not support HTML3
DiskDump Demo Page
This table contains numeric fields and can be used to demo statistical functions (a new feature).
DiskDump Demo Page HTML2
A sketchy tutorial, which was written for a star catalog search application, but may help you with this demo as well.


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