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Update, 6/7/06: Version 3.3. Updated stellar masses with estimates based on an age-restricted prior.
    Previous mass estimates compared observed SEDs to a grid of models that were not restricted to have ages less than the age of the universe at the redshift of the observed galaxy. This effect was expected to be small and my aim was to use the simplest of priors. Indeed the effect is small (typically <0.1 dex, see below) and less than the typcial uncertainty, but becomes noticeable in a large sample. For this reason, I have estimated new masses using this age-restricted prior.
    The significance of this effect can be seen in this distribution of the difference between the new, age-restricted masses and the previous estimates. This plot shows the difference as a function of redshift.

Update, 11/15/05: Updated with better masses for objects with faint optical mags.

Update, 11/05/05: Updated catalog version to 3.2. Very small changes here. The K-band photometry has been slightly adjusted for some pointings, but changes were never more than 0.15 mag. The masses have been updated and now also include J-band photometry where available.

Update, 10/19/05: Uploaded catalog version 3.1. Thanks to Nick for pointing out an error in the IRAC magnitude fields. These have now been fixed. Please note that the ISUBMAG_D? fields should be used for IRAC1 (3.6 microns) and IRAC2 (4.5 microns) because they have been corrected for contamination. For IRAC3 and IRAC4 channels, please use ICRDMAG_D?.

Update, 7/7/05: Added new EGS redshifts and stellar masses.

Update, 6/21/05: New Catalog Released --
    This new catalog is fully K-selected and includes the latest DEEP2 redshifts. The J-band data obtained at Palomar in Spring 2005 has also been included. New IRAC photometry is corrected for contamination and has new up-to-date PSF corrections applied. Estimated stellar masses for galaxies with spectroscopic redshifts are currently available.

Update, 3/4/05: Calculated stellar masses using Optical+K+IRAC1 photometry and included the results in the phot. catalog, "" See the FITS tags, IRAC1_MASS and IRAC1_MASSERR.

Update, 3/1/05: New version 2.0 release of the photometric catalogs with improved IRAC photometry contained in FITS fields ISUBMAG_D? and ISUBERR_D?. For IRAC CH1 and CH2, this photometry was measured after PSF fitting and subtraction of nearby contaminants to each object in the catalog, so it should be less affected by crowding and near-by sources (this has not yet been done for CH3 and CH4, where crowding is not as important). The new photometry is IRAC selected with the resulting catalog matched by position (within 1.5'') to the K-selected catalog presented here. The overlap between the two is better than 80%. Sources without new IRAC photometry are either 1) Outside the IRAC imaging (they would also have IRACMAG_D? = 99.0), 2) Spurious noise detections in the K-band, or 3) Sources blended with bright objects in the IRAC imaging.

Update, 2/11/05: Added stellar mass catalog for EGS-S; the "photometry" catalog '' now also contains stellar masses.

Update, 2/10/05: Fixed IMAG_D2/IMAG_D4 problem in EGS-N; assigned K-only OBJNOs; removed K-only duplicates

Update, 2/9/05: Fixed IMAG_D2 and IMAG_D4 problem in EGS-S catalog. These are still switched in EGS-N.


Please consult the IRAC team (Giovanni Fazio and Jiasheng Huang) before using the IRAC data.

Please report any problems to me ('kbundy') where the email suffix is ''.

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