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The Five Ages

Earth's past is divided into geological ages. In the same way, Earth's future, and indeed, the future of the Universe, can also be organized into a series of distinct epochs. By using physical law to investigate the bizarre processes that will unfold during vast stretches of future time, we can gain insight into both the Cosmos and our place within it.

The Five Ages of the Universe -- Inside the Physics of Eternity

By Fred Adams and Greg Laughlin

the five ages of time

We have written at the popular level that describes a timeline for the extremely distant future. It has been translated into fifteen foreign languages, and a paperback edition is currently in print and available (order here).

"Marvelous descriptive writing and mind-expanding explanations... What makes it even better than good science fiction is that it's true."

-- Susan Okie, The Washington Post

"With the laws of nature as their protagonists and the universe as their stage, Adams and Laughlin take the reader ona mind-stretching journey to the edge of teh cosmos and to the ends of time. Along the way, they tour the predictive limits of astrophysics, and reveal astonishing phenomena that continually remind us that science, at times, can be stranger than fiction"

-- Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Director of the Hayden Planetarium