dynamical astronomy and numerical methods

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ay212, ay235 information

time (ay212: fall 2006, ay235: winter 2007)

place -- 356 Interdisciplinary Sciences Bldg (ISB).

instructor -- Greg Laughlin, laughlin@ucolick.org, 459-3208, 279 ISB.

texts -- "Numerical Recipes 2nd Edition" by Press, Teukolsky, Vetterling, Flannery (1992; Cambridge University Press), Get it online in .pdf format for free! Numerical Recipes is the primary textbook for ay235.

See also, "Solar System Dynamics" by Murray and Dermott (1999; Cambridge University Press), "Galactic Dynamics" by Binney and Tremaine (1987; Princeton University Press) which are used primarily in ay212.

course catalog description (ay212) -- "Surveys dynamical processes in astrophysical systems on scales ranging from the planetary to the cosmological, stability and evolution of planetary orbtis, scatering processes and the few-body problem, processes in stellar clusters, spiral structure and galactic dynamics, galactic collisions, and evolution of large scale structure. This class is taught at the graduate level."

course catalog description (ay235) -- "Gives students a theoretical and practical grounding in the use of numerical methods and simulations for solving astrophysical problems. Topics include N-body, SPH and grid-based hydro methods as well as stellar evolution and radiation transport techniques."

Advanced undergraduates may enroll in these courses.