[pylonesque cover jpg]

christ - "pylonesque"

i may as well be honest and say outright that christ sounds a lot like boards of canada. initial listens to pylonesque describe all of the familiar tropes: thick, detuned analog pads, creepy children and blurry nostalgia. some cuts, like the unforgettable, triangles and rhombuses-esque title track, could make any trainspotter fret over a new hole in his music70 collection, but we should cut christ some slack - his purported presence on boards' early twoism record makes him a founding father of the daydream nation so many IDMers call home these days.

still, anyone who insists that there's nothing new under the turquoise hexagon sun will be pleasantly surprised by pylonesque's subtly percussive (rather than "beaty") mood explorations. dream of the endless opens the album with beats that patter and skid quietly in a reverb-drenched mix, its listless, drifting vibe (reminiscent of signer's recent full-length) signalling an imminent, welcome resurgence of mandrax abuse in the UK. even the upbeat numbers, pylonesque and perlandine friday, retain this impressionist, almost inchoate ambience, but you'd be hard-pressed to find catchier tunes this year. if christ was a member of That Other Band, he sure wasn't pete (standing alone?) best - you'll find deft melodies and haunting introspection that rival anything boards have written and - like closing song absolom - can teach scotland's famous blue duo a thing or two. terrif.

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