geomatic - "control agents"

today's great cd from left field comes from the far right-wing of the american midwest: triumvirate, indiana. here, some very smart kids with few desirable social outlets polish their guns, read the turner diaries and contribute in no small way to the american noise scene, that haven for wounded misanthropes with bad haircuts and memories of grammar school stutters.

haha, no not really.

geomatic occupy the same space, both in concept and execution, as andrew lagowski and lustmord. song topics familiar to all of us, thanks to the recently fashionable culture of conspirators, are given ample sonic and titular representation in songs like 'implanted thoughts'. one might write all this mind-control/psychotron (used on jimmy carter to force the return of the panama canal!) business off as kind of hackneyed, very apocalypse culture, if the music wasn't outstanding. i told myself i wouldn't use such lazy descriptive tactics, but geomatic really are like a revisitation and update of lustmord and spk's halcyon days, veering from some truly affective, almost tactile ambient to rumbling, menacing industrial meditations. some of this shit qualifies as idm. that particular sound you never could find after buying spk's zamia lehmanni, the good shinjuku filth albums and all of megaptera's best output can be found right here on this cd. kudos to mitchell altum and triumvirate for releasing a certain contender for my year's best list. who are these people?

for more information, please visit triumvirate records.