[mouse on mars

mouse on mars - "idiology"

yay, mouse on mars!
every new MOM album is a treat. no other band is as proficient in making booty music academically acceptable (or academic music fun) as mouse on mars - not kid606, certainly not autechre, no one. so what makes this album notable? less of the same, which is a good thing. mouse on mars have humor and compositional depth in spades; in the past, they've flaunted their skills to the point of distraction, overwhelming the listener with in-jokes, micromanaged dsp-work and sweeping pastiches. on idiology, the tomfoolery escalates to a mister bungle fever-pitch, with jimmy cliff, the beach boys and fennesz often vying for dominance of the same song, but nothing spins out of control and the experimentalism is never alienating or too self indulgent. this is prolly the sgt peppers of the mouse on mars catalogue, if not the genre; idiology is giddy with studio trickery, kicking popmusic joyously to the next level, whatever that is, and satisfying everyone at the party at the same time. you can dance to it, too. timeless.

for more information, please visit them at thrill jockey.