[anhedonia cover jpg]

string theory - "anhedonia"

string theory have gotten a lot of buzz since their well-received smak 12" debut, which reminded the forgetful that yes, america does have more to offer to the global electronica community than glitch and software fetishists and, indeed, always has. anhedonia is a curious title for a cd that's not without its pleasurable moments; there are certainly many if you're into the boards of canada or kompakt records sounds. the ep opens nicely with opener multi's evolution from unsettling incunabula/amber-styled ambience to turquoise hexagon ether-binge. it's a downtempo, muddy-sunlight haze that's over too soon. we are blowing up's driving beat, detuned "cheap" synths and blips should appeal to fans of andre estermann or boulderdash and is a little straightforward, but it works. the closing that girl is blue shifting and dregs are competent, percolating house tracks that would fit just fine between m. mayer and dettinger on your favorite kompakt records compilation. string theory do no disservice to their apparent influences, but the peel, a pulsing reverb workout in which davison and tucker really sound like they're making their own maps, keeps this cd in regular rotation, hinting at a very promising future for chicago's new favorite sons. confident.

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