Power Alerts

What are these Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 power alerts, anyway?

Lately, we have been experiencing lots of power alerts. Here are some things you can do when you receive email messages from Sally Grant or Vege Clarisse informing you of a Stage 2 or 3 power alert:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

All the suggestions under Stage 2 apply to Stage 3 power alerts as well. In addition:

If the power goes out:

Obviously, you won't be able to read this when the power is out. But take a look at it, and prepare for a power outage. Be aware that power outages with or without power alerts are not unknown here:

  1. Don't Panic

    (in large, reassuring letters for Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy fans)

  2. If you have an unmanaged host on a UPS, and you have the root password for it, shut it down gently. If you have a managed host on a UPS, call NICS. We will try to shut it down, although our first priority is getting the servers shut down as gently as possible.
  3. If your computer has already gone down, turn off its power switch if you can. (If you don't know where the power switch is on your computer, this is probably not the time to go looking for it) Short blackouts and power spikes are possible while power is being restored. Also, your computer is not likely to be happy if it boots up when the power comes back and can't find the NIS master or the fileserver because they aren't up yet.
  4. Emergency generators should keep some lights on in the hallways. Go to a lighted hallway, chat with your floormates, and wait for the power to come back on.
  5. Avoid the elevators for 5 minutes after the power comes back on. It may fluctuate or go out again shortly after coming on.
  6. Turn your computer back on 10 minutes after the power comes back, unless told otherwise by NICS. This gives us time to get the servers up and running, and ensures that your computer will boot up correctly.