Kerr Hall Public Printers

Floor Room Name Color? Duplex? Can copier transparencies be used in it?* Can Xerox Laser transparencies be used in it?*
4 415 floor4, hp07 No Yes Yes Yes
4 415 color, hp02 Yes No No Yes
4 499 room499, hp09 No Yes Yes Yes
2 237 floor2, hp03 No No Yes Yes
1 145 floor1, room164 No Yes Yes Yes
0 9 (mail room) floor0, hp00 Yes No No Yes
*When making transparencies on a duplex printer, turn off duplexing first

Types of Transparencies

There are three kinds of transparencies available in Kerr Hall:
Transparency Type Can it be used in black-and-white printers (floor1*, floor2, room499*, floor4*)? Can it be used in color printers (floor0, color)? Can it be used in copiers?
Xerox Laser Yes Yes No
Copier Yes No Yes
Write-on No No No
*Turn off duplexing before using these printers to make transparencies

Please do not bring your own transparencies into the department for use in the copiers or printers. Use only the transparencies supplied by the astronomy department. If you have a transparency and you're not sure what kind it is, assume it's a write-on transparency and don't use it in any copier or printer. If you are at all uncertain about which transparencies to use in which printers, talk to Mary in room 477, Linda or Matt in room 11, or Kyle or John in room 13. We will be happy to tell you which are the appropriate transparencies.

Xerox Laser Transparencies

Xerox No-Stripe Laser Transparencies can be found in boxes near the printers in which they must be used (floor0 and color). Historically, they have been in white boxes that say "Xerox Transparencies No Stripe". The latest batch of boxes are red and say "Xerox Laser Transparencies". In the mail room, they are on the shelf above the printer. On the fourth floor, they are in a box on the table by the printer.

If either color printer runs out of transparencies, email or call:

Copier transparencies

Copier or write-on transparencies are available from Mary Kiegelis in the board office. If Mary is not in, NICS can get copier or write-on transparencies for you. If you will be using transparencies in a copier or printer, be sure you get copier transparencies, not write-on transparencies. NEVER use write-on transparencies in ANY astronomy department printer or copier under ANY circumstances!

Copier transparencies may be used in any copier in Kerr Hall. Do not use copier transparencies in the color printers, and do not use laser printer transparencies in the copiers. If you are in any doubt, ask Mary or a member of NICS before using a transparency in a copier or printer.

General notes about using transparencies in printers:

If you use a duplex printer to make transparencies, turn the duplexing off before making transparencies. To turn duplexing off:

  1. Push the right side of the Menu button below the LCD display on the printer until the LCD display says "Paper Handling Menu".
  2. Push the left side of the Item button until the LCD display says "Duplex=ON*".
  3. Push the right side of the Value button until the display says "Duplex=OFF".
  4. Push the Select button. The LCD display should now say "Duplex=OFF*".
Any time you change the printer settings in any way for your print job, please be considerate of others who use the printer and restore it to its default settings when you are finished. Turn duplexing on the same way you turned it off, with the obvious modifications.

Please do not leave the printer unattended while your transparencies are printing. Do not put transparencies in the internal paper trays of the printers. Put them in the external paper feed. If you are making a large number of transparencies at one time (I wouldn't do more than five or ten at once), be aware that making too many transparencies too fast can cause the printer to heat up and melt a transparency. Make your transparencies one at a time or in small batches.

If you accidentally do something wrong when trying to print a transparency, and the transparency is not coming out of the printer, turn the printer off. Do not print anything else on that printer, and do not attempt to remove the transparency from the fuser. Contact NICS immediately by email, by phone, or in person and tell us which printer is befouled. If it happens at night or on a weekend or holiday, email and also send an email to, saying which printer is out of commission.

Don't worry, we only kill and/or publicly humiliate people for messing up a printer if they don't tell us and we have to find out who did it. If you come to us as soon as possible and tell us what happened, the worst that will happen is that you may be charged for any repairs or replacements needed to the printer as a result. We will not tell your colleagues who was responsible for bringing the printer down.