Dr. Claire E. Max

Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Astronomer, UC Observatories
UC Santa Cruz

Other Positions:

Director, Center for Adaptive Optics,
a University of California Research Center

Contact Information:

Office: Center for Adaptive Optics, Room 213
Phone: 831-459-2049, Fax: 831-459-5717
Email: max at ucolick.org

Claire Max Photo

Educational Background:

Research Interests:

My research focuses in two areas:

1)Astronomical applications of adaptive optics. I use the adaptive optics systems at the Lick and Keck Observatories to observe astronomical objects at infrared wavelengths. In the past several years I have been using adaptive optics to observe dual active galactic nuclei (galaxies with black holes in their cores) that are involved in galaxy mergers. In the past, with colleagues from Berkeley, I imaged the planet Neptune and Saturn's moon Titan with adaptive optics.

2) The development of advanced adaptive optics systems for large current and future ground-based telescopes. I work closely with colleagues at UCSC, the W. M. Keck Observatory, Caltech, and LLNL. The LLNL group has developed laser guide star adaptive optics for the Lick and Keck Observatories.


Administrative Roles:

I serve as the Director of the Center for Adaptive Optics, a University of California Center with headquarters at UC Santa Cruz.



Astronomy 289: Adaptive Optics and its Applications
Astronomy 18: Planets and Planetary Systems


Other Information:

Curriculum Vitae
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