Astro 18 – Planets and Planetary Systems Fall 2010

Homework 1: Tell me a bit about yourself

Due Tuesday September 28th, before class.

1) From the email address you check most often, please email your responses to me at  Be sure to put “Astro 18” in the subject line. 


2) Attach a digital photo of yourself to this email, so that Jenn and I can learn to recognize you sooner.  (It doesn’t have to be a “good” quality photo: crummy cell-phone snapshots are fine.)  Include your name in the filename of the photo, so we don’t get you confused with someone else.


1) What is your name and year?


2) Please list the most recent two math courses you took in high school (by title and level). 


Did you take a physics course in High School?


Please list ALL the math and physics courses you have taken in college (by title and level).


3) The most important aspect of the course prerequisites is algebra.  The weekly homework assignments will require that you be comfortable doing algebraic manipulations at the high school level. 

Do you have concerns about your preparedness for this class? If so, please describe them here.


4) Please list the course numbers and titles of all college-level classes you've taken in astronomy or planetary science.  List separately any courses you're currently taking (apart from this one).


5) Have you ever taken a science course that is project-based?

If you have, please list the best and worst thing about the project-based approach, so I can learn from your experience.


6) Do you have your own computer?          If not, do you have access to a computer either at UCSC or at home?          Can you access this computer on a daily basis?


7) How comfortable are you at using e-mail and the web?

How often do you check e-mail?

How often do you browse the web?


8)  Have you chosen a major yet?   If so, what is it?

If not, what areas are you considering for a major?


9) What is the most important thing you hope to learn from this class?


9) Please tell me a bit about your long-term hopes & ambitions after graduation.


10) If you’d like, please tell me about some of your main non-academic activities. (Not required, but fun to learn about.)