Astro 18, UCSC, Fall Quarter 2010

Planetary Science Web Links


Solar System Resource List from Astronomical Soc. of Pacific

Latest images from the Galileo space mission to Jupiter

NASA Planetary Photojournal

The Nine Planets by Bill Arnett

JPL's Welcome to the Planets

Nat'l Air and Space Museum: Exploring the Planets

JPL's website for Solar System space missions

BBC Solar System page

The Moon: A Resource Guide

Planetary Science Research Discoveries

National Geographic's Virtual Solar System

Scale Models of the Solar System

US Geological Survey Flagstaff

Views of the Solar System by Calvin J. Hamilton

Solar System Live, and interactive orrery

Earth and Moon Viewer

Lunar and Planetary Institute home page

The Planetary Society home page

Planetary Science Institute home page

Hubble Space Telescope: Planet site

Site that tells you what constellation each planet is in



Extra-Solar Planets Encyclopedia

Exoplanet Task Force Reports

Links to Many Searches for Extrasolar Planets

More Links to Searchers for Extrasolar Planets

Transitsearch Project

Systemic: Characterizing Extrasolar Planetary Systems

Lick Carnegie Planet Search Team

Geneva Extrasolar Planet Search Programmes

Gemini Planet Imager Project

Space Art by Lynette Cook

Giant Planets Orbiting Faraway Stars (Marcy and Butler)

The Kepler Mission: Search for Earth-like Planets

The Darwin space mission

Extrasolar Visions

Transits of Extrasolar Planets

Animations of gravitational microlensing planet searches

Microlensing Planet Search site

JPL's Planet Quest

NASA missions related to Extrasolar Planets

Keck Interferometer

Space Interferometry Mission (SIM)

Terrestrial Planetfinder mission

SuperWASP Wide Angle Search for Planets

A History of Searches for Extrasolar Planets


Astrobiology Roadmap

NASA Ames Astrobiology web site web site

NASA Astrobiology Institute web site

Life in Extreme Environments

The Astrobiology Index

Astrobiology Magazine

Panspermia: website for theory that life came from space

Astrobiology 101: Exploring the Living Universe

Johnson Space Center: Astrobiology - What is it?

The Living Universe

SETI Institute: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence