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The answers featured in this archive are courtesy of: Candace Church, Evan Kirby, Greg Novak, Katie Morzinski, Ryan Montgomery, Anne Rajala, Javiera Guedes, Janet Colucci, Judy Cheng, Katherine Kretke, Neil Miller, Laura Lopez, Mark Mozena, Maria Fernanda Duransi, Jay Strader, Jenny Graves, Jess Johnson, Sally Robinson, Shannon Patel, Alex McDaniel, David Lai, Shawfeng Dong, Gabe Prochter, Ian Dobbs-Dixon,, Justin Harker, Karrie Gilbert, Kyle Lanclos, Laura Langland-Shula, Lynne Raschke, Marla Geha, Michael Kuhlen, Nick Konidaris and Scott Seagroves.

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