What is a good directoy for comets and asteroids? Another question is how can one begin have a career in this sector of finding comets and asteroids, I live in the UK, what do you recommend?

Dear Sir,

thanks for contacting Ask An Astronomer! If you'd prefer to peruse a directory website rather than Google or Yahoo search,

provides links to some websites that might be of interest to you, as well as some sites of some people doing research in the field.

As for your second question, usually the path to get into a career in astronomy involves getting an M.S. and a PhD (or equivalents in the UK) at any university that offers an Astronomy/Astrophysics/Planetary Sciences program, and working in the academia or space industry. You might want to get in touch with a researcher that works in the field of small bodies to receive more specifically finely-tuned directions; you can find websites on Google or on the sites directory above.

I would also suggest you contact your local astronomy club and get in touch with other amateurs that share your interests.

Good luck with your endeavors!

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