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 +** Answer this question if you can.What would happen,physically if I where on a
 +space ship near the moon,and put my bare arm out into void space,with out a
 +space suit?Sorry for asking so many questions but there are things I have to
 +The reduction of pressure caused by sticking your arm out into space
 +would cause several effects. First, all the gases dissolved in your blood
 +(oxygen and nitrogen) would bubble out (a similar thing, called the
 +"bends", happens to divers who rise out of high-pressure water too
 +quickly). Your arm would swell somewhat due to the reduction in pressure
 +- I'm not certain if it would swell enough to burst or not. Finally, the
 +intense ultraviolet radiation of the sun would give you a severe sunburn
 +in a matter of seconds.
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