Moving Spot Mosaics, Sept.13 2001

The mosaics on this page show examples of moving spots from the rotation series of Sept. 13. The panels show (cw from upper left) "diffuse rings" near Spot B; Spot A; Spot C; and Spot B. The detector motion has been removed, so features on the Dewar window appear fixed ( but CCD defects appear to move under the image). (Window your screen properly and you can "blink" between images.) start
PA 135 (frame 4302)

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PA 45 (frame 4304)

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PA -45 (frame 4306)

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PA -135 (frame 4308)

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"diffuse rings" are on the back of Body 4 (Element 8); Motion PS

Spots A and C appear to be in the fluid between Elements 5 and 6; Motion A Motion C PS A PS C

Spot B is on the front of Element 3. Motion PS

Last modified: 10 oct 2001

Andrew C. Phillips / Lick Observatory