The latest upgrades to CUBA are described in Haardt & Madau  (2012, ApJ, 746, 125). Our improved synthesis models of the evolving spectrum of the UV/X-ray diffuse background include: (1) the sawtooth modulation of the background intensity from resonant line absorption in the Lyman series of cosmic hydrogen and helium; (2) the X-ray emission from the obscured and unobscured quasars that gives origin to the X-ray background; (3) a new piecewise parameterization of the distribution in redshift and column density of intergalactic absorbers that fits recent measurements of the mean free path of 1 ryd photons; (4) an accurate treatment of the photoionization structure of absorbers, which enters in the calculation of the helium continuum opacity and recombination emissivity; and (5) the UV emission from star-forming galaxies at all redshifts.

The following files are now available (just click to download):

1) input UV/X-ray galaxies+quasars (G+Q) comoving emissivity;
2) photon mean free paths  at 1 (input) and 4 (output) Ryd;
3) H/He G+Q photoionization and photoheating rates;
4) G+Q cosmic background spectra in the range 0< z <15 and 2.5e-4 Å < λ < 1.0e5 Å;
5) G+Q volume filling factors of H II and He III regions in the universe.