Astronomy 2: Overview of the Universe

Fall 2013

Video segments / explanations:

This site contains some brief (typically 10-15 minute) video segments that cover some of the important concepts that have been/will be discussed in class. Please review each segment carefully and at your own pace. The topics covered in these segments will also be covered in the in-class clicker quizzes.
Our Place in the Cosmos (Raja - 10/25/2012)
Galaxies as Cosmic Chemical Recycling Plants (Raja - 10/25/2012)
Telescopes as Time Machines (Raja - 10/30/2012)
Schroedinger's Cat Experiment (Raja - 10/30/2012)

Scale of the Earth and Sun (Khan Academy)
Scale of the Solar System (Khan Academy)
Scale of the Distance to the Nearest Stars (Khan Academy)
Scale of the Galaxy (Khan Academy)
Scale of the Distance between Galaxies (Khan Academy)

Seasons and Earth-Sun Distance (Khan Academy)
Seasons and the Tilt of the Earth's Axis (Khan Academy)

Explanation of Solar vs Siderial Day (Marie)

Introduction to Light (Khan Academy)