UCSC Science Internship Program (SIP) for High-School Students: Summer 2010

Participants & Project Titles

Individual projects

Astrophysics: Nearby Galaxies --- Mentor: Raja GuhaThakurta (UCSC)

Astrophysics: Distant Galaxies --- Mentors: Sandy Faber & Raja GuhaThakurta (UCSC)

Astronomical Instrumentation --- Mentors: Dave Cowley & Dave Hilyard (UCSC)

High-Energy Physics --- Mentor: Steve Ritz (UCSC/SCIPP)

Chemistry: Nanoscale Functional Materials and Opto-Electronics --- Mentor: Shaowei Chen (UCSC)

Chemistry: Nanophotonics and Nanoelectronics --- Mentor: Yat Li (UCSC)