Norway / Norge

Updated 2 Sept, 2000
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First: Håkonshallen.
Second: Rosenkrantz tower.
Seventh: Going fishing on the island Askøy.

Hanseatic storefronts of Bryggen (old medieval quarter), lining the main harbor of Bergen.


First: It's not always grey in Oslo.
Second: WWII Guns in Norway's Resistance Museum.
Third and Fourth: Norwegian military, old and new, in Akershus Fortress.
Fifth: Royal Palace.
Sixth: University of Oslo, with statue of Edvard Munch.
Seventh: Skrik (The Scream / The Cry) (1893) at the National Gallery.

Between Oslo and Bergen

The train ride between Oslo and Bergen was easily the most spectacular I'd been on. Leaving the city, you pass progressively through suburbs, then farmland, rolling hills, and valleys, until you reach mountainous areas full of waterfalls, cliffs, and snow (even in the summer). Cresting out at Finse (see below), you then descend back through this sequence in reverse. The only annoyance comes from the innumerable tunnels and avalanche shelters where the train burrows for a signifcant fraction of the trip.
Finse / Hardangerjøkulen

First: Panorama from Finse. The glacier Hardangerjøkulen can be seen poking over the ridge in several locations. This is where many scenes of the ice planet Hoth in the film "The Empire Strikes Back" were filmed -- most on the (frozen) foreground lake, some on the part of the glacier in the middle of the photo.
Second: Close-up of glacier, a few days earlier, before it was covered with new snow.
Third and Fourth: Finse train station, the highest in Europe (ca 1500 meters).

Can't seem to correlate any of the scenes below with those above...


Flåm / Gudvangen /Nærøyfjord / Aurlandsfjord

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