8.7: Image Display and Quick Look, Additional Resources Needed

The project has recently acquired access to a Dec alpha workstation with 256 Mbytes of RAM. This will permit further testing of existing image display clients with images of the size expected from DEIMOS.

The DEIMOS project does not currently have access to a multi-headed workstation. Until that time testing of interaction with large images will have to be conducted using multiple workstations or virtual window managers.

8.8: Image Display and Quick Look, Interdependencies

It is extremely desirable that the image display should interoperate with IRAF tasks. This will avoid the need for running two different kinds of image display.

The image display will be used for analysis of the mask alignment frames. It should be able to interact with the mask alignment tool.

8.9: Image Display and Quick Look, Concerns

DEIMOS currently has neither CCDs nor CCD controllers, so it is not yet possible to perform tests with an operational system. This chapter indicates the directions of the investigations and experiments that have been performed so far. The Lick CCD laboratory is currently constructing a new CCD guider system. When that becomes operational we intend to apply the ESORTD tool to its output. We will thus gain detailed familiarity with the applicability of the ESORTD software.
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