LRIS-R red mosaic

PANE coordinates for the LRIS-R red mosaic

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Note the depiction of the ghost of the old Tektronix CCD.

Please see the links in this sentence for the sake of nomenclature of the amplifiers and the canonical manner in which the amplifiers are wired.

This diagram is a synthesis of the contents of what should be several separate diagrams and documents.

The engineering diagram documenting the LRIS-R focal plane should not include
This is a draft. It all deserves double checking.
As of 2009-03-05 Steve Allen and Bob Kibrick believe that this shows the definitive nomenclature for the CCD locations and the amplifier locations.
Please let me know if you find anything that seems awry.

The extra information in this diagram includes
The PANE coordinates can be redefined, but the current coordinates provide a match between the red and blue sides of LRIS. It seems best to maintain that correspondence in order to avoid confusion.

See also the blue NBC mosaic diagram.
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