Nickel Direct coordinates

coordinates for Dewar 2 as used for Nickel Direct

as a PDF file

This CCD was fabricated as part of a collaboration between the Lick CCD lab and Loral. The subseqent image link from Wei Ming Zhi documents the Lick3 CCD pinout and silicon layout. The pinout image shows the CCD viewed as front-illuminated. The CCD in dewar 2 is thinned and back-illuminated, thus as viewed looking into dewar 2 the pinout image is flipped left-to-right.
coordinates for the guider on the Nickel Spectrograph

as a PDF file
The field of view of the guide CCD in direct mode would be about 7 arcmin (N/S) x 10 arcmin (E/W) but that is heavily vignetted.
These diagrams are a synthesis of the contents of what should be several separate diagrams and documents.

The engineering diagram documenting the Nickel direct focal plane should not include
This is a draft. It all deserves double checking.
Please let me know if anything seems awry.

The FITS coordinates can be redefined, but the current coordinates indicate the manner in which the ucam code writes the pixels into the FITS image array.
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