PFCam coordinates

coordinates for the Shane PFCam dewar

as a PDF file

This diagram is a synthesis of the contents of what should be several separate diagrams and documents.
For reference see the manufacturer data sheet for the CCD with the nomenclature of the amplifiers.

The guide camera for PFCam sees the sky to the north of the sky that the science CCD sees. In this diagram the guider is off the page to the left.
At the Shane prime focus the dewar for PFCam is mounted on the north side of the cage. In this diagram the dewar is off the page to the right.

coordinates for the Shane PFCam guider

as a PDF file
The scale of the guider is about 0.28 arcsec/pixel.
The guider FOV is about 114 arcsec EW * 98 arcsec NS.
The rotation is such that the
+x axis of the CCD points about E 3.6 deg N
+y axis of the CCD points about N 3.6 deg E

This is a draft. It all deserves double checking.
Please let me know if you find anything that seems awry.

The engineering diagram documenting the PFCam focal plane should not include

The FITS coordinates can be redefined, but the current coordinates indicate the manner in which the ucam code writes the pixels into the FITS image array.
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