Gramps ID P0427
County Delaware
State/ Province Indiana
Country USA


  1. Brammer, Jacob Erwin [I0458]
  2. Clark, Elma Ethel [I0401]
  3. Davy, Lula Edith May [I0136]
  4. Family of Brammer, Jacob Erwin and Langdon, Avis Louise [F0464]
  5. Family of Floyd, Harry and Hufford, Rosa Belle [F0749]
  6. Family of Hines, Charles M. and Langdon, Lydia Margaret "Maggie" [F0727]
  7. Family of Hufford, James H. and Simpson, Eliza Jane [F0743]
  8. Family of Langdon, Charles Andrew and Davy, Lula Edith May [F0615]
  9. Family of Langdon, Charles Andrew and Hufford, Rosa Belle [F0436]
  10. Family of Langdon, Charles Andrew and Leveck, Ida May [F0421]
  11. Family of Langdon, Otho Olo La Vaughn and Clark, Elma Ethel [F0451]
  12. Family of Langdon, Perry A. and Keicher, Catharine E. [F0521]
  13. Family of Myers, Horace B. and Langdon, Avis Louise [F0713]
  14. Family of Porter, Frederick Charles and Leveck, Myrtle Lillian [F0671]
  15. Floyd, Harry [I1064]
  16. Hines, Charles M. [I1022]
  17. Hufford, James H. [I1054]
  18. Hufford, Rosa Belle [I0196]
  19. Keicher, Catharine E. [I0372]
  20. Lake, Ruby [I1039]
  21. Langdon, Avis Louise [I0010]
  22. Langdon, Charles Andrew [I0066]
  23. Langdon, Clancy P. [I0400]
  24. Langdon, Curtis [I0454]
  25. Langdon, Delores P. [I0389]
  26. Langdon, Elizabeth A. [I0462]
  27. Langdon, Eric R. [I0137]
  28. Langdon, Ivar O. [I0133]
  29. Langdon, Lydia Margaret "Maggie" [I1020]
  30. Langdon, Otho Olo La Vaughn [I0138]
  31. Langdon, Otto Ray [I1068]
  32. Langdon, Perry A. [I0371]
  33. Leveck, Ida May [I0132]
  34. Leveck, Myrtle Lillian [I0603]
  35. Logue, Edith Ruth [I1046]
  36. Logue, Mary Naomi [I1045]
  37. Myers, Horace B. [I0984]
  38. Noble, Sarah "Sadie" V. [I1024]
  39. Porter, Frederick Charles [I0614]
  40. Simpson, Eliza Jane [I1055]