Gramps ID P0276
City Decatur
County Adams
State/ Province Indiana
Country USA


  1. Allen, Ferd Ellis [I0003]
  2. Christen, Albright John? [I0039]
  3. Christen, Edward Samuel [I0068]
  4. Christen, Ferd Edward [I0499]
  5. Christen, John Jr. [I0041]
  6. Christen, John Robert [I0043]
  7. Family of Christen, John Robert and Fonner, Edith May [F0590]
  8. Family of Lewton, Cary Dee "Dee" and Magley, Harriett Florence "Hattie" [F0818]
  9. Fonner, Edith May [I0052]
  10. Fonner, Willis A. [I1206]
  11. Lewton, Cary Dee "Dee" [I1210]
  12. Magley, Catharine [I0061]
  13. Magley, Harriett Florence "Hattie" [I1209]
  14. Magley, Henry [I1207]
  15. McCarthy, Louise Marie [I0525]