Gramps ID P0283
State/ Province Kentucky
Country USA


  1. Anderson, John [I1378]
  2. Cotton, Ellenor "Ellen" [I1127]
  3. Family of Hodges, John William and Siner, Alice [F0693]
  4. Family of Russell, George and Lindsey, Letitia M. [F0549]
  5. Hodges, John William [I0770]
  6. Lindsey, Letitia M. [I0931]
  7. Marlow, William Henry [I1245]
  8. McClanahan, Thomas? [I1374]
  9. McGriff, Margaret [I1175]
  10. Pittman, Allen [I1126]
  11. Russell, George [I0930]
  12. Shelburn, Paschal [I0748]
  13. Siner, Alice [I0752]
  14. White, Jane [I0904]
  15. unknownS, Sarah [I1373]