Gramps ID P0368
County Montgomery
State/ Province Virginia
Country USA


  1. Booth, Druzillah [I0381]
  2. Clifton, Anne [I0380]
  3. Family of Langdon, Samuel Jr. and Booth, Druzillah [F0448]
  4. Family of Langdon, Samuel Jr. and Clifton, Anne [F0526]
  5. Family of Thompson, Archibald and Langdon, Nancy [F0392]
  6. Family of Thompson, Meredith and Langdon, Elizabeth [F0665]
  7. Langdon, Elizabeth [I0480]
  8. Langdon, John [I0484]
  9. Langdon, Mary [I1003]
  10. Langdon, Nancy [I0482]
  11. Langdon, Samuel Jr. [I0379]
  12. Langdon, William [I0485]
  13. Thompson, Archibald [I0483]
  14. Thompson, Meredith [I0481]