Langdon, Elisha

Birth Name Elisha Langdon
Gramps ID I1005
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E1497] 1822-08-26 Lawrence Co, Ohio  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Langdon, Samuel Jr. [I0379]
Mother Booth, Druzillah [I0381]
    Sister     Langdon, Mary [I1003]
    Brother     Langdon, James L. [I0479]
    Brother     Langdon, Elijah J. [I1004]
         Langdon, Elisha [I1005]
    Sister     Langdon, Melinda [I1006]
    Sister     Langdon, Ada [I1007]
    Brother     Langdon, Isaac John [I0376]
    Brother     Langdon, Samuel A. [I1008]
    Brother     Langdon, Daniel H. [I1009]
    Sister     Langdon, Emilia Virginia [I1010]
Father Langdon, Samuel Jr. [I0379]
Stepmother Clifton, Anne [I0380]
    Half-brother     Langdon, John [I0484]
    Half-brother     Langdon, William [I0485]
    Half-brother     Langdon, Thomas [I0478]


    Family of Langdon, Elisha and Pigman, Sarah Ann [F0751]
Married Wife Pigman, Sarah Ann [I1070]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E1593] 1843-11-16 Lawrence Co, Ohio  


  1. Langdon, Samuel Jr. [I0379]
    1. Booth, Druzillah [I0381]
      1. Langdon, Mary [I1003]
      2. Langdon, James L. [I0479]
      3. Langdon, Elijah J. [I1004]
      4. Langdon, Elisha
        1. Pigman, Sarah Ann [I1070]
      5. Langdon, Melinda [I1006]
      6. Langdon, Ada [I1007]
      7. Langdon, Isaac John [I0376]
      8. Langdon, Samuel A. [I1008]
      9. Langdon, Daniel H. [I1009]
      10. Langdon, Emilia Virginia [I1010]