Sillinger, John 1

Birth Name John Sillinger
Gramps ID I0219
Gender male
Age at Death about 51 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0153] about 1829 Germany  
Death [E2323] between 1880 and 1890    


    Family of Sillinger, John and Bermender, Frederica [F0568]
Married Wife Bermender, Frederica [I0264]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E1099]      
  1. Sillinger, Frederica [I0268]
  2. Sillinger, Wilhelmine “Mina” [I1421]
  3. Sillinger, Margaret “Maggie” [I0218]
  4. Sillinger, Johanna “Hannah” [I0265]
  5. Sillinger, Albert [I0266]
  6. Sillinger, Frederick [I0267]


    1. Sillinger, John
      1. Bermender, Frederica [I0264]
        1. Sillinger, Wilhelmine “Mina” [I1421]
        2. Sillinger, Margaret “Maggie” [I0218]
        3. Sillinger, Johanna “Hannah” [I0265]
        4. Sillinger, Albert [I0266]
        5. Sillinger, Frederick [I0267]
        6. Sillinger, Frederica [I0268]

Source References

  1. Margaret Hellgren and cousins: Marge's chart [S0070]