Schaad, Elizabeth

Birth Name Elizabeth Schaad
Gramps ID I0036
Gender female
Age at Death 82 years, 9 months, 14 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E1092] 1814-01-17 Canton Berne, Switzerland  
Death [E1818] 1896-10-31 Adams Co, Indiana  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Schaad, Andrew [I0555]
Mother Christen, Elizabeth [I0556]
         Schaad, Elizabeth [I0036]


    Family of Christen, John Sr. and Schaad, Elizabeth [F0588]
Married Husband Christen, John Sr. [I0035]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E0210] 1835-07-17 Canton Berne, Switzerland  
  1. Christen, John [I0045]
  2. Christen, Godfrey [I0037]
  3. Christen, Emily [I0049]
  4. Christen, Eliza [I0038]
  5. Christen, Albright John? [I0039]
  6. Christen, Mary A. [I0046]
  7. Christen, Mary A. [I0040]
  8. Christen, John Jr. [I0041]
  9. Christen, William [I0042]
  10. Christen, Robert [I0047]
  11. Christen, John Robert [I0043]
  12. Christen, Edward [I0048]
  13. Christen, Anna C. [I0044]


  1. Schaad, Andrew [I0555]
    1. Christen, Elizabeth [I0556]
      1. Schaad, Elizabeth
        1. Christen, John Sr. [I0035]
          1. Christen, Godfrey [I0037]
          2. Christen, Eliza [I0038]
          3. Christen, Albright John? [I0039]
          4. Christen, Mary A. [I0040]
          5. Christen, John Jr. [I0041]
          6. Christen, William [I0042]
          7. Christen, John Robert [I0043]
          8. Christen, Anna C. [I0044]
          9. Christen, John [I0045]
          10. Christen, Mary A. [I0046]
          11. Christen, Robert [I0047]
          12. Christen, Edward [I0048]
          13. Christen, Emily [I0049]