Fulton Co. Indiana Wills Briefed

Gramps ID S0095
Author Tombaugh
Publication information Fulton County Indiana Library


  1. http://www.fulco.lib.in.us/genealogy/Tombaugh/Wills/Wills%20_Briefed_%20Vol%20_1_.pdf
    1. Birth [E0851]
    2. Birth [E0926]
    3. Death [E1181]
    4. Family of Pownall, Henry and Reed, Malinda [F0390]
    5. Pownall, Alfred S. [I0467]
    6. Pownall, Amos C. [I0466]
    7. Pownall, Henry [I0464]
    8. Pownall, Matilda B. [I0468]
    9. Pownall, Viola Mae [I0469]