Descendants of Samuel Langdon, Sr.

Gramps ID S0071
Author from Linda Barouska
Abbreviation Samuel Langdon, Sr.
Publication information unknown


Linda Barouska sent this to Steve Allen in 2006-08 after Beverley Eberhart contacted her during a trip back to South Bend for her high school reunion.


    1. Booth, Druzillah [I0381]
    2. Booth, Isaac [I0382]
    3. Clifton, Anne [I0380]
    4. Langdon, Charles Andrew [I0066]
    5. Langdon, Charline Roma [I0390]
    6. Langdon, Delores P. [I0389]
    7. Langdon, Isaac John [I0376]
    8. Langdon, Mabel A. [I0387]
    9. Langdon, Oley Dickey [I0386]
    10. Langdon, Perry A. [I0371]
    11. Langdon, Samuel Jr. [I0379]
    12. Langdon, Samuel Sr. [I0378]
    13. Marriage [E0707]
    14. Marriage [E0912]
    15. Marriage [E0913]
    16. Perkins, Sarah Ann [I0377]
    17. Ross, Lula C. [I0388]
    18. unknownS, Freelove [I0383]